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National Brain Injury Awareness Month

In recognition of Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard are taking steps to increase awareness about TBIs, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment, while reducing the stigma for persons who seek care.

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Veterans Group Life Insurance – Protect your family

It’s important to remember that you can qualify for VGLI insurance without answering health questions if you convert your SGLI to VGLI within 240 days of separation or of being placed on Individual Ready Reserve. I highly recommend that you protect your family in those first 240 days so that you don’t have to worry, like I did, about whether you will qualify for insurance.

Lt. Cmdr. Richard Stoud (retired) plas Taps at the Coast Guard Memorial. Photo courtesy of retired Lt. Cmdr. Richard Stoud.

Volunteer buglers honor veterans through “Taps”

In 2000, a Marine, Tom Day, decided digital Taps was unacceptable. To address this, Tom Day created a volunteer organization called Bugles Across America. The member of this group, over 7,000 strong, sound Taps at funerals, memorial ceremonies, grave markings and veterans ceremonies across the country. In 2012, a retired Washington, D.C., Air Force trumpeter, Jari Villanueva, founded a group called Taps for Veterans to provide a similar corps of volunteers to sound live Taps during honors.

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Operation Warfighter: Sponsor a wounded military member internship

Operation Warfighter is a temporary assignment/internship program, developed by the Department of Defense, for service members convalescing at military treatment facilities, at first in the National Capitol Region but increasingly throughout the United States.

Honoring those who serve

A week from today, America will honor those who have worn the uniform in service to our country as we commemorate Veterans Day. Coast Guard units across the nation will hold events to honor living veterans as well as remember those who have crossed the bar. Whether it is visiting a local hospital or running a 5k to support wounded warrior organizations, we encourage each servicemember to find their own unique way to honor those who have sacrificed to protect each and every one of us.