Tricare and You – Denied Procedures

There are certain clinical procedures that TRICARE is prohibited from approving, even if a valid referral is submitted by your provider. Ensure you know what to do if your claim is denied.

Tricare and You – Reservists injured or ill while on active duty clarification

In this Tricare and You blog we will clarify some items from last week’s Tricare and You blog regarding reservists who sustain injuries or illness while on active duty.

TRICARE and You – Vision Benefits

Do you know what benefits you get for eye care? The type of TRICARE benefit that you receive for vision coverage depends on your age, what type of beneficiary you are and what TRICARE plan you are enrolled in. This article will help you navigate your specific vision benefits.

Tricare Survival Benefits Feature Image

TRICARE and You: Survivor benefits

Death is never an easy topic to discuss, but it is important that you and your family understand survivor benefits. After the death of a sponsor, TRICARE benefits continue automatically as long as all information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is current and you are an un-remarried spouse or a surviving unmarried child under 21 years old (or 23 if enrolled full time in an approved educational program or if the sponsor provided over 50 percent of the financial support). The type, length and costs of these benefits vary depending on the sponsor’s military status at the time death. Read the full post to learn more and to find out where to seek information regarding survivor benefits.