From the Homefront

From the Homefront: Watching our children take the oath

While new recruits are focused on honor, respect and devotion to duty, their moms are awash with pride, worry and anxiety. Some brand-new Coast Guard moms shared their experiences about what it is like to watch their children transition from civilian to military life.

Getting your Sea Legs

From the Homefront: Getting your Sea Legs

It can take time to adjust to the pitch and roll of Coast Guard life. Recognizing that, a Coastie spouse developed a manual to help new members adjust – calling it Sea Legs, a reference to gaining our footing in unsteady waters.

Shape the future: CWO Kimberly Angel

I love to teach; I always have. Being a company commander provided me an opportunity to teach and develop our organization’s future leaders.

U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Donnie Brzuska.

Shape the future: ET1 R.F. Williams

“If we are being honest, there were two reasons that motivated me to become a Company Commander. First, I wanted to give back to the service that had been so good to me for 12 years. I had a personal desire to make the biggest positive impact on the future of the Coast Guard and what better place to do that than TRACEN Cape May. This place is literally step one, ground zero, the event horizon of more than 80 percent of the Coast Guard’s entire workforce. Second, I needed a break from calibrating radar’s and replacing chart plotters.”


Shape the future: SK2 Nicholas Saporito

“Ever since I completed basic training, I have dreamt of becoming a Company Commander. I still remember my Company Commanders vividly, just like every Coast Guardsmen I have ever spoken to does.”

Shape the future: OS1 Melissa Mathis

Shape the future: OS1 Melissa Mathis

Your career experience will help you become a better instructor and the recruits will benefit. Your experience as an instructor will help you become a better supervisor regardless of your career path.