Holiday Party Safety: If you choose to drink, drink responsibly

The 5-week stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s in the United States is the most dangerous season of the year because there are many parties that place a focus on alcohol. However, as service members, we are responsible for our own readiness. If we choose to drink, we have a duty to do so responsibly. Please take a minute to read this post to ensure you and those around you are safe this holiday season.

TRICARE and You – Dependents’ substance abuse treatment

TRICARE has recently implemented changes to its substance abuse policy for non active duty beneficiaries to make it easier and cheaper for you to access these services. Policies for uniformed service members are different than dependents. Service members may self refer for alcohol treatment and may not be assessed an alcohol incident if no other factors such law enforcement involvement, or driving under the influence are present. Read the full post to learn more.

TRICARE and You: Self referrals for substance abuse

Do you like to have a good time? Does that usually involve alcohol? Is it starting to cause problems for you? Dealing with alcohol problems can be difficult and many times, negative consequences can impact the whole family. We have learned a lot over the past decades on how to best help people struggling with ways to moderate their drinking and wanted to share a little about how to recognize you may need help and where to get it.