From the Homefront: Making the best out of some not so great orders

Sometimes the Coast Guard sends members and their families to places they didn’t wish to go. Instead of dreading it, learn how these families made it work and ended up falling in love with their undesired location. Sometimes the orders you didn’t want can be a blessing in disguise.

From the Homefront: CG SUPRT offers coaching to help you achieve wellness goals

Have you heard of health and wellness coaching? Did you know that CG SUPRT offers free health and wellness coaching for members and dependents? Well it does! I decided to give it a try to start the new year off in a positive way and to help me achieve my resolutions! Read the full post to learn more about CG SUPRT’s free health and wellness coaching, and to learn healthy tips from spouses that are wellness coaches. Bring on 2017!

Crewmembers from U.S. Coast Guard Station Brant Point in Nantucket, Mass., hoist a nine-foot holiday wreath onto Brant Point Lighthouse, Dec. 2, 2013, in celebration for the holiday season. The station annually decorates the lighthouse with a wreath during the month of December. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Krystyna Hannum)

From the Homefront: Coast Guard units spread holiday cheer across the nation

Although we may live in communities for just a few years, Coast Guard families find ways to make it home, and that often means finding ways to give back. This year, four holiday events from locations spanning nearly 13,000 miles join service members and their communities in unique ways as the celebrate the season.

From the Homefront: Thanksgiving recipes and tips from the experts

Thanksgiving; the time of year when stretchy pants make the best dinner pants! Next week at this time, food will be on everyone’s minds and plates! Not sure of your own cooking abilities for this year’s feast? Well never fear, Coast Guard food service specialists share some tips for feeding a large crowd! And if you haven’t planned your own menu yet, make sure to check out the recipes included in this post if you want to take your culinary skills to the next level.

From the Homefront: Chaplains are here for you

Have you ever needed to speak with a chaplain, but didn’t know how? Are you unsure of the chaplains’ responsibilities? Coast Guard chaplains provide professional religious ministry through worship services, religious education, weddings, funerals and other religious rituals and rites. But they also are there to just talk with or consult with. They care for CG members and their families regardless of an individual’s beliefs. Chaplains are available 24/7 with confidential counseling to ensure service members and their families have the spiritual resilience to cope with the inevitable hardships of military life.

From the Homefront: Getting mental health assistance

While September is Suicide Prevention Month, reminders about how families can access mental health assistance are important all year around. Starting next month, Tricare will begin easing some of its restrictions on getting mental health and drug treatment coverage. Military kids and spouses may struggle with stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts. As military families, we take pride in our resilience and our strength in overcoming the challenges. But refusing help is not a sign of strength. When it comes to emotional pain and mental health care, take advantage of all of the resources available. Don’t let the mask of strength block access to help when you or your family needs it.


From the Homefront: Working together to eliminate anxiety about the new school year

As the buses arrive the anxiety rises, both for parents and kids. The end of summer is the beginning of school, and with that comes nervousness about a school year filled with unknowns. Learn how to calm those fears! One Coast Guard spouse took matters into her own hands and developed a program to help kids adjust to their schools. Meanwhile, Coastie kids offer advice to each other about how to get the most out of this school year.

CG Day cake

From the Homefront: How Coast Guard Day is celebrated across the service

August 4th is a special day for the Coast Guard and its members, as well as the families that support them. It is a day to honor the organization’s past and present, along with the men and women who have served and who serve today. It’s a day to spend time with shipmates and the entire Coast Guard family! Here are just some of the ways Coast Guard units and their families celebrate the Coast Guard’s birthday.

From the Homefront feature image

From the Homefront: So you want to be on a game show

Do you play along with game shows at home and ever wonder what it would be like to be on one? Well, you can! Read the full post to learn more about members’ experiences on The Price is Right and Million Second Quiz, and how to apply to appear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or a reality survival show.

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From the Homefront: Medical care on the move

Whether you are moving this summer or thinking ahead to Assignment Year 2017, this post provides insight into medical benefits and care while in the midst of a Permanent Change of Station.

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