From the Homefront: A parent’s guide to surviving summer break

Unsure how to keep your school-age crew busy this summer? This From the Homefront blog offers tips to keep your little ones (and even your older little ones!) entertained this summer – for FREE or at least a little cheaper!

LauryAnn Lalicker has her supplies ready for kindergarten. Photo courtesy of Christi Lalicker.

From the Homefront: Back to school

We just moved again, and the first thing I did when I got to Northern Virginia was to register my kids for school. I was dreading it. It can be complicated, and I just wasn’t up to having to argue about placements and documentation from the last school. I know I am not alone in dreading all the coordination and planning involved in starting a new school. Getting ready for every school year, even if you’ve been there for a while, can be stressful. So I asked some Coastie spouses to join me in offering tips for getting prepared.

Screenshot from inside the U.S. Coast Guard coloring book.

In the community: The Coast Guard coloring book

If you’ve ever hosted an elementary school group on a unit tour or visited a third-grade classroom, you probably know the challenge of keeping kids engaged. The under-12 set might “ooh and ahh” over a shiny helicopter or uniform bling, but they aren’t going to sit still for a PowerPoint deck to learn about the missions of the Coast Guard. Coast Guard Community Relations is happy to offer you a solution. A new Coast Guard coloring book is now available.

Coast Guard families celebrate the first day of school. Photo illustration by Shelley Kimball.

From the Homefront: Finding the right school

As military families, we tend to have particular difficulties in transferring our kids to new school systems. So far, 46 states have banded together in a committment to ease those difficulties as part of the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, often referred to as MIC3.