All-Star Coast Guard civilians graduate leadership program

Leadership development opportunities are not reserved just for the military. The Office of Leadership offers many courses for civilians looking to grow their leadership knowledge base.

CG_Ideas@Work solicits and shares workforce innovation; submit your nominations

Formerly known as the Enterprise Common Ideation Platform, or ECIP Connect, CG_Ideas@Work gives all Coast Guard active duty, reserve, civilian and Auxiliary members the opportunity to share their ideas on how to make Coast Guard operations more efficient and effective. Two crowdsourcing challenges are open for your participation:
1) Identifying the primary challenges for the Coast Guard in 10 to 15 years and how to plan for them now, and 2) The Open Idea Forum, a general discussion of good ideas and best practices. The Innovation Program also is accepting nominations for the 2016 Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards recognizing the year’s best idea submissions through CG_Ideas@Work. Read the full post to learn more!

Release of the Human Capital Strategy

Announcing the Coast Guard Human Capital Strategy: a framework to meet new challenges

Excellence in executing Coast Guard missions relies on our greatest strength – our PEOPLE. Today Adm. Zukunft released the Human Capital Strategy, providing a 10-year framework to build a thriving and effective workforce prepared for the complexities of tomorrow.

Release of the Doctrine for Mission Support

Release of the Doctrine for Mission Support, Pub MS-0

All the Armed Forces have support organizations that provide the people, materiel and equipment necessary for operational success. As Gen. Pershing said, “Infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars. Where would the combat arms be without the bullets, boots and beans?” In the Coast Guard, successful missions also depend on effective support.

Walking the deckplates: Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz heads DCMS

Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz walks the deckplates and engages with staff as she continues to establish expectations and provide transparency as the newly designated Deputy Commandant of Mission Support. Read more for further insight into her leadership style, expections and path forward.