TRICARE and You – Reminder: Implemented Pharmacy Changes

Express Scripts added Walgreens to the TRICARE retail pharmacy network on Dec. 1, 2016, but CVS and CVS pharmacies in Target stores are no longer in the network. If you are still filling prescriptions at a CVS pharmacy, you need to transfer all your prescriptions now to avoid paying full retail price for your medication. The Health Safety Work Life service Center will walk you through the steps to transfer your prescription to a network pharmacy or to set up home delivery.


TRICARE and You – Pharmacy Changes

Pharmacies participating in the TRICARE Network will change as of December 1, 2016. Walgreens will become part of the network and CVS pharmacies will leave the network. If you go to a CVS pharmacy after Dec. 1, 2016 you will have to pay in advance for your prescription and file for partial reimbursement after as CVS would then be a non participating pharmacy.