Partnership in Education is a perfect way to impact the future today

Growing up in Portsmouth, Virginia, Chief Petty Officer Carlton White didn’t have very many military role models. That all changed when, in 5th grade, the Coast Guard adopted his grade school through the Partnership in Education (PIE) program, sending two active-duty Coast Guard members to frequently engage with his class throughout the school year. The PIE program enhances educational opportunities and career awareness for the nation’s youth through direct participation in education related programs. All members of the Coast Guard family, including active duty, reserve, auxiliary, civilian and retirees are encouraged to participate in school and community activities approved by their command. Read the full post to learn more about Chief’s story and the importance of the PIE program!

Maritime art contest

Maritime art contest: ‘Ships bring the world to us’

The Coast Guard Partnership in Education program is proud to announce the submission period is open for the 2016 Coast Guard/ North American Marine Environment Protection Association, NAMEPA, student art contest. Submissions must be received no later than March 23, 2016.

Partnership in Education: CEU Providence builds bridges with aspiring engineers

Think of a popular 21st century TV game show and finish the next sentence: “Who wants to be… a________?!” Now replace the missing word ‘Millionaire’ with the word ‘Engineer’ and you’ll basically find an equivalent level of enthusiasm amongst a small enclave of about 50 inner-city ninth and tenth-grade students from two public high schools in Providence, Rhode Island.

NEW YORK - Students from Rippowam Cisqua School, based near Bedford, N.Y., pose with Lt. Cmdr. Scott Rae (far right), commanding officer of the Coast Guard Cutter Sturgeon Bay, after a day trip on the Hudson River Feb. 17, 2010.

Partnership in Education: Ready? Set? Volunteer!

Looking for volunteer opportunities to get involved in your local community – a chance to make a real difference? Seeking to share your love of marine science, engineering, environmental education, or information technology? Or do you just have the makings of an outstanding role model and want to positively influence the next generation? If so, consider Coast Guard’s Partnership in Education programs!

Chief petty officer conducts training

Chiefs wanted!

If you are a chief petty officer transferring during AY14, consider serving as an equal opportunity advisor for your new command. You may have received civil rights awareness training from an EOA in the past but the responsibilities of the position are much more substantial than conducting mandatory training.