(From left to right) Lt. Cmdr. Morgan Holden, Lt. Noelle Kitenko, Lt. Dana Vankoski, Lt. Cmdr. Carrie McKinney, and Petty Officer 1st Class Katie Harnois organized the Baby Gear Event at Coast Guard Base Alameda. Photo courtesy of Lt. Cmdr. Carrie McKinney.

From the Homefront: Navigating life as a new parent

New babies are a joyful addition to a family. But they also bring with them a tremendous number of questions and concerns. Add to that the idea of incorporating Coast Guard life to a pregnancy and new baby, and it can be the source of stress, said Lt. Cmdr. Carrie McKinney.


CG SUPRT: Parenting stress

Parenting can be stressful whether you are a stay-at-home mother, father, single parent, dual military family or any other of the many types of families in the Coast Guard. CG SUPRT is there to help before it becomes too much to handle. Read more to see what CG SUPRT can do for you.

Screenshot of MilitaryParenting.org website.

New military website teaches parenting skills

The Department of Defense launched a new website ealier today aimed at helping active duty, reserve and veteran military parents communicate with their children. MilitaryParenting.org is a free, online course providing a “boot camp” approach to the basics of parenting.