OSMS and YOU: Maritime Law Enforcement/PWCS

OSMS and YOU: Maritime Law Enforcement, PWCS

For over 200 years, the Coast Guard has filled the roll as our Nation’s first responder to threats in the maritime environment – both domestic and foreign. Aside from conducting general law enforcement, maritime law enforcement personnel prevent, deter, and respond to illicit activities such as terrorism, illegal entry, smuggling, piracy, as well as enforce federal laws protecting the United States’ living marine resources.

OSMS and YOU: HR Management, Training

The Human Resources Management generalist or HRM-11 is an apprentice, journeyman and master structured specialty. It provides opportunities for Coast Guard officers to progress and advance proficiency throughout their career.

OSMS and You: Human Resources

Do you want to influence Pay? Assignments? Promotions? Advancements? Then consider a career in Human Resources or HR. You will learn why the opportunity of selection changes, who in considered for promotion each year, and why enlisted personnel appear to advance all year while officer promotions are concentrated in the summer.

Officer Specialty Management System and YOU

This blog post is the first in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!

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