Cyber Month: Social engineering attacks; phishing and vishing

Large organizations like the U.S. Coast Guard require a large workforce to successfully carry out day to day missions. The large number of people employed puts the Coast Guard at high risk for Social Engineering attacks. Social Engineering is an attack technique that relies heavily on manipulating and/or tricking people into breaking normal security procedures by divulging sensitive information to unauthorized persons. Cyber criminals frequently use these social engineering techniques in their attempts to acquire information that would allow the cyber criminal to gain access to Coast Guard networks and sensitive information. Two Social Engineering attacks have been especially successful and on the increase—Phishing and Vishing. Learn how to reduce the risks posed by phishing and vishing in this post!

Cyber Month: Emails containing personally identifiable information

Do you know the policy regarding proper protections to take when sending personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive personally identifiable information (SPII) outside the USCG.MIL domain? Over the past year, there has been an increase in privacy incidents caused by Coast Guard personnel transmitting PII and SPII to personal business email accounts without using the proper protections. Read the full post to ensure that you know the policy!

Cyber Month: Protect your military children online

Do you worry about your child being online? At a time where everything is online, it is no wonder that kids are also online, and not just for social media. Educational classes are also drawing younger students to the web. This means that sometimes your children are online when you aren’t around. Here are some tips for how to help keep your child safe online.

Cyber Month: Interested in a cyber career?

There are many entry points into a cybersecurity career, and there are just as many job roles within cybersecurity. If you are considering a career in cybersecurity, you should first begin by researching the different cybersecurity specialty areas. The following article provides a starting point for researching cyber security roles, as well as the education and certifications required to competitively pursue some of those roles.