Nike, a black Labrador stationed at Coast Guard Station Jones Beach, N.Y., sits patiently for a treat, July 6, 2015. Nike has been with the unit for about four years and enjoys swimming at the beach, fetching sticks and greeting visitors. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ali Flockerzi.

Mascot Monday: Meet Nike of Station Jones Beach

Meet Nike, station mascot and loyal member of Coast Guard Station Jones Beach. Nike enjoys long swims on the beach and keeping crewmembers company during watch and station checks. Continue reading for more about this loving mascot.

Mascot Monday: Meet Diesel of Station King’s Point

Meet Diesel, Coast Guard Station King’s Point, N.Y., station mascot, a goofy, supportive, rock-crunching dog. Read how the crewmembers of King’s Point rallied to help Diesel recover after an injury caused a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Mascot Monday: Meet Nate of Station Eaton’s Neck

Nate the dog is lying in the same hallway, happily greeting his shipmates who walk past, busy with the day’s work. Each person takes the time to say hello to Nate or give him a pat on the head. He gazes at each of them lovingly and also seems content just being near his loved ones. How fitting that Bruckenthal would be memorialized through a happy, loving Coast Guardsman like Nate.


Mascot Monday: Meet Harry of Station New York

For almost 10 years, Harry’s days have begun by begging successfully for treats and scratches before going about his daily station duties. Harry usually takes a companion for a walk outside where he patrols the borders of the unit, chases birds, rolls in the grass and keeps an eye out for squirrels. His favorite location is beneath a large, lush tree perched on the side of a hill, overlooking the station.