Coast Guard Family Month: Our family is our strength

November will focus on Coast Guard families as there are three national observances recognized this month; National Military Family Month, National Adoption Month, and Native American Heritage Month. Additionally, it is the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving recognized towards the end of the month. In recognition of these observances and the upcoming holiday, we are dedicating November to our families. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, Steve Cantrell, and his wife Janet, ombudsman-at-large, kick off the first post of the series. Stay tuned for more blogs this month about who is a part of the larger Coast Guard family and how the service takes care of Coast Guard families.

Paratus Report

Paratus Report, Episode 14

The newest episode of the Coast Guard Paratus Report is now live! This month is dedicated to Coast Guard families. Ombudsman-at-Large, Mrs. Janet Cantrell, discusses the importance of the ombudsman program and other resources available to help support our Coast Guard families. There are numerous benefits and programs available to our Coast Guard families, like the Adoption Reimbursement Program, Spouse Employment Program, Child Care Program, and Special Needs Program, just to name a few. You will also learn how to make a delicious dessert for your Thanksgiving meal – it’s all on this episode of the Paratus Report!

2015 Holiday message featuring the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard

See the 2015 holiday message from Mrs. Janet Cantrell, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven Cantrell, and members of his staff.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: A little help for the holiday season

As the holidays approach, we are all thinking about family, food, travel, gifts – all those extra expenses and pressures that rack up as part of our traditions. For some of us, it is all just too much.

Recovery Month / Suicide Prevention Month guest blog: Janet Cantrell’s hope for our Coast Guard families

It is very important to know that we all struggle at various times along our journey as Coast Guard spouses and children, and regardless of what struggles we face and how tough things can often seem, this is a wonderful, family-oriented organization to be a part of, and there are many resources available to us to help when times get really tough.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: Janet Cantrell uses past experiences to shape new goals

Cantrell, wife of Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steve Cantrell, is using her past to guide her present. Her experiences as a Coast Guard spouse for almost 28 years serve as a constant reminder of how she wants to help military spouses today.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Getting us all on the same page – HSWL releases updated “Sea Legs” reference guide for our loved ones

It’s been said, through a couple variations of the same quote, that understanding comes to us in the following sequence: First, we don’t know what we don’t know; then, we know what we don’t know; and finally, we know what we know.

Starting out in the Coast Guard is no different.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: A ‘Semper Paratus’ holiday season

A Christmas tree in honor of the Coast Guard stands in the vice president’s residence side-by-side with trees celebrating the other military branches. Coast Guard families had the opportunity to join with Dr. Jill Biden at a reception at the residence celebrating military families.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Dialogue with the MCPOCG: Welcome to the Family!

Nothing gives me greater joy than recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of the men and women who make up our Coast Guard workforce. I recently had the honor of watching one such group in action – The Guardian Spouses at Training Center Cape May, New Jersey.

Janet Cantrell addresses childcare issues

From the Homefront: Making childcare a priority

I know how isolating it can be when you can’t find childcare. It affects so many things in our daily lives as parents. And right now, things are pretty frustrating in the Coast Guard childcare arena. The uproar right now is focused on the childcare subsidy. The issue gained momentum when Janet Cantrell, spouse of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, returned from visits to Coast Guard stations and reported back that families were struggling with childcare.