NEW YORK – Coast Guard crewmembers aboard multiple assets transit on the East River during a mass casualty drill conducted outside the United Nations Building, Sept. 21, 2018. The Coast Guard along with multiple agencies, support maritime safety and security during the country’s largest National Special Security Event (NSSE). (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Hunter Medley)

General Messages Weekly Roundup

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information for Coast Guard members.

General Messages Weekly Round-up

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information. * NOTE: The series does not contain all of the new messages, just select ones. Click here to view internet releasable messages, or go to […]

Update: Revision to high year tenure policy for calendar year 2015

I am initiating changes to high year tenure or HYT that will simplify both organizational and individual management of professional growth points or PGPs and further align all aspects of the policy to an annual calendar-year cycle that parallels the assignment and advancement cycles.

No Coast Guard CRSP board for active-duty in 2015

For the past five years, the Coast Guard has received authorization to hold an active duty Career Retention Screening Panels, or CRSPs. The main goal of the panel has been to increase workforce flow and address high retention issues.