TRICARE and You – Mental health care

Mental health issues are often difficult challenges for Coast Guard members and their families. There’s frequently a lack of knowledge about where and how to get help, concern about stigma, career implications and other social concerns. But help is available for members and families suffering from mental health problems. This article will provide you with some of the available resources.

TRICARE and You – Tobacco Cessation

Stopping tobacco use isn’t impossible, but it’s tough to do alone. There are many programs available from TRICARE and the Coast Guard to assist you. Among TRICARE’ range of covered options for tobacco cessation includes tobacco cessation products, and TRICARE will pay for tobacco cessation counseling from a TRICARE authorized provider for up to 18 counseling sessions per quit attempt, including 4 individual sessions. Stopping tobacco use can will improve your health! Benefits include: breathing easier, improved sense of taste and smell and reduced risk of heart disease and cancer over time. Learn more and take the first step towards tobacco cessation.

TRICARE and You: Access to care in remote locations

As part of a Coast Guard family you can be stationed in a variety of remote locations around the United States. From isolated communities on the Great Lakes to smaller towns on the Gulf Coast, Coast Guard postings can take you to less populated areas. While these assignments can have their advantages; stunning scenery and friendly new neighbors, finding the medical care you need can sometimes be a challenge. This article will help you navigate accessing care in remote locations.


TRICARE and You – Pharmacy Changes

Pharmacies participating in the TRICARE Network will change as of December 1, 2016. Walgreens will become part of the network and CVS pharmacies will leave the network. If you go to a CVS pharmacy after Dec. 1, 2016 you will have to pay in advance for your prescription and file for partial reimbursement after as CVS would then be a non participating pharmacy.

TRICARE and You – Autism Care Demonstration and applied behavior analysis therapy

TRICARE has introduced a new Autism Care Demonstration designed to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for dependents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. A demonstration is a test or pilot program. The autism care demonstration will last until December 2018 when it will be evaluated for continuation. Read the full post to learn more.


TRICARE and You – Veterans’ Affairs

If you’re separating or retiring from active service you may be considering applying to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) for benefits. If you have a service related injury or illness you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation, or receive care from a VA medical facility. Preparing correctly can make the process of obtaining VA benefits much easier and receive any authorized benefits faster.

From the Homefront: Getting mental health assistance

While September is Suicide Prevention Month, reminders about how families can access mental health assistance are important all year around. Starting next month, Tricare will begin easing some of its restrictions on getting mental health and drug treatment coverage. Military kids and spouses may struggle with stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts. As military families, we take pride in our resilience and our strength in overcoming the challenges. But refusing help is not a sign of strength. When it comes to emotional pain and mental health care, take advantage of all of the resources available. Don’t let the mask of strength block access to help when you or your family needs it.

TRICARE and You – Vision Benefits

Do you know what benefits you get for eye care? The type of TRICARE benefit that you receive for vision coverage depends on your age, what type of beneficiary you are and what TRICARE plan you are enrolled in. This article will help you navigate your specific vision benefits.

TRICARE and You – Tools

Do you ever wonder where to go when you need TRICARE assistance? TRICARE offers numerous tools that can help you navigate through the TRICARE system. These tools can assist with a variety of topics from claims, referrals, and beneficiary education. TRICARE has numerous podcasts, TV episodes, and news articles, which cover a vast amount of information. As a beneficiary, it’s important to know where to go for these helpful tools and resources. Read the full post to learn all about the different TRICARE tools.

Tricare feature

TRICARE and You: Traveling for Medical Care

If you are traveling for required medical care you may be entitled to funding of travel expenses. Rules regarding medical travel, known as Prime Travel Benefit, can be complex and are governed by federal regulation, not Coast Guard rules. This article will help you navigate the process.

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