Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew Husler, a machinery technician at Coast Guard Station Washington, D.C., evaluates a crewmember at Station Washington during a judgmental pistol course in the station's training room, Feb. 8, 2011. The course is designed to test the member's ability to react in a hostile environment where they make the determination of whether or not they should fire their weapon in each respective training scenario. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Brandyn Hill.

Evaluations: They’re not for you!

How do you think your favorite sports team would perform if they only received feedback once or twice per year? Probably not so great. That is why their coaches continuously evaluate performance and provide feedback – constantly. At the end of the year, coaches review the players stats, they see how the player performed overall, whether they improved or not, and they discuss their potential for the next year. The coach uses this annual evaluation to figure out what to do with their players for the next year. You should approach your evaluations in the same manner.