Holiday Safety Message from Health, Safety, and Work-Life

While many of you will be participating in traditional holiday activities, others will continue to carry out Coast Guard missions. Whether you are on leave, traveling, or standing the watch, I urge you to be safe during the holidays. The holiday season is an excellent time to consider conducting unit safety stand-downs. Let’s take a pause and remind ourselves of the hazards associated with an often hectic and rushed period in our lives. Read the full post to learn more about preventing mishaps, managing risk, and properly preparing for your travels.

Chief medical officer

Rear Adm. Erica Schwartz to take over as chief medical officer

Today, Rear Adm. Erica Schwartz took the reigns as the service’s chief medical officer, and as a result, was promoted to the rank of rear admiral from the rank of captain. As the chief medical officer, Schwartz is responsible for the entirety of the Coast Guard’s health care system, including 42 clinics and 150 sick bays.