NEW YORK – Coast Guard crewmembers aboard multiple assets transit on the East River during a mass casualty drill conducted outside the United Nations Building, Sept. 21, 2018. The Coast Guard along with multiple agencies, support maritime safety and security during the country’s largest National Special Security Event (NSSE). (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Hunter Medley)

General Messages Weekly Roundup

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information for Coast Guard members.

Eight Bells – A tradition among cuttermen

The striking of eight bells at noon harkens back to the days of sail, when time was kept by the trickle of sand through a half-hour glass. One bell was rung for each passing half-hour to help keep track of the length of watches. At the end of a four-hour watch, with the striking of eight bells, the watch would change.