Update: Revision to high year tenure policy for calendar year 2015

I am initiating changes to high year tenure or HYT that will simplify both organizational and individual management of professional growth points or PGPs and further align all aspects of the policy to an annual calendar-year cycle that parallels the assignment and advancement cycles.

OSMS and YOU: HR Management, Training

The Human Resources Management generalist or HRM-11 is an apprentice, journeyman and master structured specialty. It provides opportunities for Coast Guard officers to progress and advance proficiency throughout their career.

OSMS and You: Human Resources

Do you want to influence Pay? Assignments? Promotions? Advancements? Then consider a career in Human Resources or HR. You will learn why the opportunity of selection changes, who in considered for promotion each year, and why enlisted personnel appear to advance all year while officer promotions are concentrated in the summer.

Tour lengths extended for 2,060 billets!

The new change affects both enlisted and officer billets beginning in transfer year 2015. But, most importantly all incumbents, those currently serving in the billets that are set for extension will not have their current tours extended.

Major change coming to Direct Access, action needed

According to Flag Voice 432, published in October by Rear Adm. David Callahan, assistant commandant for Human Resources or CG-1, “Direct Access will be taken off-line to conduct a major software upgrade representing the most significant change to our pay system in nearly two decades.”