General Messages Weekly Roundup

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From the Homefront: Finding college scholarships for military kids

Let’s be honest; it is pretty important for a young adult to get a degree these days, but college is expensive! Scholarships can greatly assist with off-setting the cost of college or could potentially pay for the whole thing. If you and your military child are interested in learning more about how to apply for scholarships, this is the post for you! Read more to get all the tips on how to get the most out of scholarships.

Graduation caps tossed in the air

CGES Scholarship Program: Accepting applicants now

Recognizing the value of education and the benefits it brings to the Coast Guard family, the Coast Guard Exchange System Scholarship Program was established to provide additional financial resources to dependent children of Coast Guard personnel embarking on undergraduate college or university studies. Annually, a $2,000 scholarship is awarded to the outstanding applicants on a one-time basis. The number of scholarships granted each year depends on available funding.