"Intruder escort" - A Coast Guard auxiliarist views vessels competing in the America’s Cup races in August 2012. The Coast Guard Cutter Tern, seen in the far distance, and a 25-foot rapid response boat secure San Francisco Bay for the competitions. The cup is considered to be among the most difficult trophies in sports to win. Since the first race in 1851, only four nations have won the cup: the U.S, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. U.S. Coast Guard painting by C.R. "Bob" Bryant.

2013 Coast Guard Art Program collection unveiled

You would be hard pressed to find a better snapshot of the service’s myriad missions than the one provided by the 2013 Coast Guard Art Program collection now on display at Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City. This year’s collection, comprised of 29 works by 23 artists, includes works showing the service’s response to news-making events such as the Healy’s escort of the Russian oil tanker Renda in the Arctic and Super Storm Sandy. Others depict boardings and inspections of recreational and commercial vessels, search and rescue cases, training exercises, patrols and aids to navigation. Some works even capture subjects never before recorded such a helicopter hot refuel evolution and a helicopter ice landing.