General Messages Weekly Round-up

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information.

Chaplain’s Holiday Message: A divine hope for the future

In this special holiday message, Capt. Gregory Todd, Chaplain of the Coast Guard, shares a story of faith, hope, love and resilience.

Our Chaplain remembers 9/11

This might not be a story that you have heard before, but Coast Guard chaplains were at Ground Zero for 40 days following the attacks of September 11th. Chaplains from around the Coast Guard went to New York to support not only the influx of Coast Guard personnel who were aiding with the response and security, but also other local emergency workers as well as the victims’ families. This is the Chaplain of the Coast Guard’s remembrance of 9/11 and the days following, and the assistance that the Coast Guard Chaplains provided to those that needed it.

Slow Down

This holiday season, ‘slow down’

Throughout the holiday season, it seems like time just flies by. Between traveling, buying gifts, scheduling and attending various holiday events and other normal responsibilities, it’s easy for everyone to rush through the season. The holidays can also be a hard time for many people, and with all those other obligations added on, stress can pile up. That’s why Chaplain of the Coast Guard Capt. Gregory Todd has a simple piece of advice for every member of the Coast Guard family this holiday season: Slow down.