Petty Officer 1st Class Tiffany Huerd and her fellow volunteers. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Bravo Zulu: IT1 Tiffany Huerd

Huerd donates her time to help Coast Guard members in need gain access to H.E.R.O.E.S Care resources and is involved in many other community volunteer activities. Recently, she was formally recognized by being awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. It is apparent that her dedication to service stretches well beyond her Coast Guard assignment.

Coast Guard elite athletes of the year

Bravo Zulu: Coast Guard elite athletes of the year, unit sports team of the year

The honor of elite athlete of the year is achieved by hard work, dedication and skill. The title is bestowed on one Coast Guard female and one male athlete each year. These athletes reached this high level of athletic success on their own time, after performing their military duties and responsibilities. Recently, the Coast Guard announced the two Coast Guard active duty members that earned this award for their athletic accomplishments in 2015, as well as a new award honoring a Coast Guard team.

Bravo Zulu: IHRIM Project of the Year

Bravo Zulu: IHRIM Project of the Year – Direct Access

“This has been the culmination of a 15 year effort to consolidate many individual applications from the Coast Guard and Public Health Service into a single software solution,” Fijalka said. “This was a big investment and a big step forward for the Coast Guard in having visibility and controls over our HR data.”

Secretary Jeh Johnson and Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas award the Secretary’s Exceptional Service Award to members of the U.S. Coast Guard and other members of the department. Department of Homeland Security photo.

Bravo Zulu: 2014 DHS Secretary’s Award recipients

Each year, the Secretary of Homeland Security recognizes the hard work, sacrifices and professional excellence of members across the department, including members of the U.S. Coast Guard. On Oct. 23, Secretary Jeh Johnson honored 312 employees from across the department for performing above and beyond their normal call of duty and for their extraordinary efforts to protect our homeland. Of those recognized, 25 of the recipients were men and women from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Portrait of Lt. Allison Sullivan, morale officer at SFLC DD-Norfolk, Va.

Bravo Zulu: LT Allison Sullivan

Her appreciation for MWR support is sincere and always expressed. She is always open to suggestions on how to make MWR better which makes everyone feel like they play a part in the MWR even if they are not on the committee.