Top 5 things to know about the new DCMS Portal Site

An important part of ensuring mission success is creating clear avenues of communication across all aspects of the U.S. Coast Guard. The redesigned DCMS Portal Site now provides access to key Mission Support information all personnel need.

  1. Mission Support News at a Glance. A major goal of the redesign was to highlight events, announcements, and messages that originate within Mission Support and are of interest to the entire U.S. Coast Guard workforce. On the homepage, “Mission Support News at a Glance” showcases items from across the Mission Support organization. The feature allows you to sign up to receive alerts when new information has been added so you never miss any news.
  2. Locate who and what you need. An extremely useful feature on the updated DCMS Portal Site is the “About” page. The page includes the Mission Support organizational structure and contact information for leaders across the organization. The “About” page outlines the who’s who of Mission Support.
  3. Communications Resources. In line with Mission Support’s continued focus on communication, the redesigned DCMS Portal Site features a Communications page that includes resources for distributing information. You can access most popular publications and information sources, including the All Hands Briefer, the Compass blog, and various Mission Support newsletters.
  4. Simple navigation with a new look. The redesigned DCMS Portal Site has been updated with a modern appearance and user-friendly navigation system. By following just one link, you will arrive at a homepage that provides one-stop shopping for Mission Support information.
  5. Your involvement is key. To truly make the redesigned DCMS Portal Site successful, Mission Support needs your help to ensure the site is providing the information you need. If you have a topic suggestion or content idea, please reach out by contacting



Explore the redesigned DCMS Portal Site at CAC card required for access.


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