Dear Coast Guard Family: Ombudsman Appreciation

Ombudsman from around the Coast Guard meet for an Ombudsman training. (Courtesy photo)

Written by Rachel Conley

Some of the most important roles in life don’t come with a paycheck, and that’s certainly true of our Coast Guard Ombudsmen. Day in and day out, they devote countless volunteer hours to a cause much bigger than themselves – a cause that touches the entire Coast Guard community. Ombudsmen are trusted to serve the very best that our Coast Guard has to offer – our incredible people!

Ombudsmen are appointed by unit Commanding Officers to provide these vital services:

Command Representative: Coast Guard Ombudsmen serve as official members of the unit’s Command staff – ensuring that both the command and the families have access to a professional representative and liaison.

Communications Link: Ombudsmen are the official channel by which information flows from the Coast Guard and unit commands to Coast Guard families, keeping families informed and up-to-date on essential need-to-know information. If you haven’t already provided your contact information to your unit’s Ombudsman, please do so! You can contact your Ombudsman here. (If your unit doesn’t have an Ombudsman, please feel free to reach out to the Ombudsman closest to your location.)

Resource and Referral Specialist: Ombudsmen connect Coast Guard members and families to resources and support services — providing referrals that support spouses who are seeking employment, dual military couples in search of childcare, PCSing families looking for safe and affordable housing, and so much more!

Crisis Response: Ombudsmen serve members and families in their most joyous moments and during their most challenging. From hurricanes, to government shutdowns, to personal crisis, Ombudsmen stand “Semper Paratus” (Always Ready) to serve the Coast Guard community!

In celebration of their invaluable contributions to the U.S. Coast Guard, March 26th is designated as Ombudsman Appreciation Day!