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Written by Cmdr. Shane Steiner
Chief of Preventive Medicine

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Lindsey Peters conducts duties as a health services technician at the Coast Guard Baltimore Clinic in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 8, 2013.

To develop and sustain a mission ready total workforce, ensuring the workforce is medically ready is absolutely critical.

An important way to ensure the Coast Guard military workforce is medically ready is through the annual periodic health assessment (PHA).  The Coast Guard and the other military services revised the PHA by standardizing the medical questionnaire and by including a required mental health assessment (MHA). We have cancelled ALCOAST 268/18 – Implementation of the Annual Mental Health Assessment Requirement because rather than focusing on a stand-alone MHA, we want to focus on a comprehensive approach – ensuring members get their MHA at the same time as their PHA.

It’s been six months since the Coast Guard has implemented the new PHA; however, only 25 percent of Coast Guard members have completed the new PHA. The PHA is not optional. It is an annual requirement; you should not wait until January or February 2019 to complete your PHA . It will result in a delayed ability to complete the PHA.

In order to improve completion, Coast Guard members who receive primary care at a Coast Guard clinic are authorized to use the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP)’s contracted provider, Logistics Health Inc. (LHI), to complete their PHAs from Sept. 1, 2018, to Mar. 1, 2019.  After completing their online PHA questionnaire, members must contact their assigned clinic; the clinic will ask the member whether they prefer to complete their PHA at their assigned Coast Guard clinic or with an RHRP contract provider. Coast Guard active duty members not receiving their primary care at Coast Guard clinics and selected reservists must continue to use RHRP  for their PHAs.  As a reminder, units can also use group events to improve access and convenience.

A PHA Job Aid can be found here.

Members must take responsibility for their own personal readiness.

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