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Alcoast 224/17 – 2018 Black Engineer of the Year Award Nominations

This ALCOAST solicits award nominations for the Black Engineer of the Year Award Global Competitiveness Conference. The awards honor the country’s most distinguished minority engineers as well as those supporters of minorities in science, technology, engineering, and science (STEM) career fields within the minority community. These awards highlight these role models in an effort to inspire and encourage young people to pursue Coast Guard STEM focused careers and to motivate Coast Guard members to remain connected to the minority communities.

ALCOAST 223/17 – Nominations for 2017 Naval Engineering Awards

The Office of Naval Engineering, COMDT (CG-45) sponsors four annual awards for outstanding contributions and achievements within the Coast Guard Naval Engineering program: the Capt. Richard D. Poore award and the American Society of Naval Engineers sponsored awards, which include the Perry Award, Stabile Award, and Lucas Plaque (ashore and afloat). Nominations for these awards are open to Coast Guard personnel and organizations as specified in this ALCOAST.

ACN 083/17 – Elimination of Aviation Physical Examinations for aviation personnel not engaged in frequent and regular aerial flights

As per REFs (A) and (B), all aviation personnel are required to have Flight Duty Medical Examinations (FDMEs) and aviation-specific Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs). In 2014, in order to ensure efficient use of existing resources, the Coast Guard (CG) changed its policy and only required FDMEs and aviation-specific PHAs for aviation personnel on flight orders, or assigned to duties involving flight proficiency, or duties involving flying operations. This ACN republishes and includes additional guidance for ALCOAST COMDT COGARD WASHINGTON DC 121951 FEB 14/ALCOAST 058/14.

ALCGENL 102/17 – Enlisted Personnel advancement announcement (EPAA) NO. 08-17

This ALCOAST announces members who may be advanced to the rating/paygrade indicated effective 1 August 2017 provided the requirements of Refs A and B are met. Congratulations!

ALCGENL 100/17 – Assignment Year 2018 (AY18) Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) solicitation

This message solicits for ashore and afloat assignments at Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA). These assignments are for one year PCS deployments to begin in the Spring, Summer, and Winter of AY18. Highly motivated personnel applying for PATFORSWA should expect high op tempo duty in support of a highly visible national defense mission.

ALCGENL 099/17 – FY18 solicitation for DOD enlisted leadership courses

The Office of Leadership, COMDT (CG-12C), is announcing the Department of Defense (DOD) enlisted leadership training opportunities for FY18.  Course information, training objectives, prerequisites, application procedures and deadlines are located under courses on the CG-12C website:

ALCGRSV 028/17 – Reserve Senior Education and Fellowship Program (SEFP) panel phase II

This message announces convening dates and solicits applications for fiscal year 2018 (FY18) Reserve War and Staff colleges. The SEFP offers opportunities for national security policy and joint service professional development, increases the Coast Guard’s presence in a joint-service environment, and enhances the member’s value to the Service.

ALCGRSV 027/17 – Enlisted Reserve Advancement Announcement (ERAA) NO. 8-17

This ALCOAST announces members who are eligible for advancement or change in rating to fill Selected Reserve vacancies 1 August 2017, provided the requirements of Art. 3.A of REF A and Art. 7.C.1 of REF B are met. Congratulations!

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