General Messages Weekly Round-up

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ALCOAST 221/17 – 2016 Coast Guard Civilian Employee Of The Year (CEOY) and Non-Appropriated Fund Employee Of The Year (NAF EOY) Award selections

This ALCOAST announces the recipients of the 2016 CEOY and NAF EOY Awards. The diligence and dedication of our highly skilled civilian employees greatly contributed to the accomplishment of the Coast Guard’s operational mission readiness. These exceptional employees represent a small snapshot of the quality of our dedicated civilian workforce. Congrats to all the winners!

ALCOAST 219/17 – Incident Command System Qualification Board Requirement update

In an effort to promote IMT readiness, COMDT (CG-CPE) is waiving the oral qualification board requirement for all Type 3 Unit Leader and Division Group Supervisor positions. Incident Commander (IC), Command Staff and Section Chief positions will continue to require an oral qualification board.

ALCOAST 218/17 – Coast Guard Institute – 88 Years of service

On 14 Jul 2017, after 88 years of faithful service to our nation, the Coast Guard Institute was disestablished. Throughout her service, the Institute consistently excelled at carrying out her mission: to provide the clearest path to the next highest pay grade or education level. The only unit of its kind for over eight decades, the Institute had a positive impact on all members of the Coast Guard by providing vital professional and personal growth opportunities to our workforce. The Institute will officially be merged with the Training Quota Management Center. All traditional Institute services will continue without interruption, but will now fall under the control of the new Education and Training Quota Management Command, in Chesapeake, Virginia.

ALCOAST 214/17 – Solicitation for the Swaringen Award for Outstanding Mentorship

Nominations are being accepted for the Charles E. Swaringen, Jr., Award for outstanding mentorship in Human Performance Technology. This prestigious award recognizes exemplary individual achievement in the selfless development of others applying Human Performance Technology.

ALCOAST 213/17 – Captain Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence in Diversity recipient

Congratulations to LT Harold Piper, currently assigned to Surface Forces

Logistics Center in Baltimore, Maryland has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Captain Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence in Diversity. The Captain Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence in Diversity was established to recognize a Coast Guard Officer or Chief Warrant Officer (active or reserve) who have been most supportive of initiatives to achieve, value and manage diversity in the Coast Guard.

ALCOAST 212/17 – 2016 Captain Quentin R. Walsh Excellence in Living Marine Resources Enforcement Award winner

Congratulations to MK3 Christopher Goonan of Station Fort Pierce, Florida, as the inaugural recipient of the 2016 Captain Quentin R.Walsh Excellence in Living Marine Resources Enforcement Award. Goonan distinguished himself by fostering strong interagency partnerships, a leadership role that far exceeds the expectations of a junior petty officer, for the purpose of broadening mission focus to include marine protected species enforcement and domestic fisheries enforcement.

ACN 082/17 – Chronic Immunosuppressant use by Coast Guard military members

This ALCOAST updates the Coast Guard’s policy regarding immunosuppressant use by Coast Guard military members. Immunosuppresants are drugs that decrease the activity of the immune system. They are often used to treat various diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The other military services do not consider chronic immunosuppressant use automatically disqualifying for retention. In consideration of the evidence based studies on this issue and to align with the other military services, the Coast Guard will adopt a similar policy that chronic immunosuppressant use by Coast Guard military members is not automatically disqualifying for retention if the underlying condition controlled with immunosuppressants is not disqualifying and there are no duty restrictions. Chronic immunosuppressant use will still be considered disqualifying for aviation and diving duties.

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