Coast Guard Cyber Program 101: The Coast Guard’s Role in Cyberspace

In this series, we will highlight what cyberspace is and the Coast Guard’s role in cyberspace, generating the service’s first cyberspace operating forces, and modernizing the Coast Guard’s information systems and networks.

Written by: Coast Guard Cyber Transformation Program Integration Office

The Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategy sets forth three strategic priorities for the next 10 years: defending cyberspace, enabling operations, and protecting infrastructure.

Cyberspace is a Coast Guard operational domain. We’re bringing the same ethos, proven doctrine and operational concepts and over 226 years of proficiency to bear.

Now the Coast Guard Cyber Strategy provides the ends; the Coast Guard Cyber Program describes the ways and means to implement that Strategy. There are five lines of effort: lead, organize, develop, generate, and modernize.

To achieve the five lines of effort, we are going to:

• Establish the Coast Guard as the recognized leader for cyber security in the maritime transportation system
• Organize for command and control of Coast Guard forces in cyberspace and fully implement the mission support business model
• Develop and build a Coast Guard cyberspace workforce and generate the first Coast Guard operating forces for cyberspace
• Modernize our outdated networks, information systems and IT into an Enterprise Mission Platform – just like a fleet of cutters, boats, and aircraft that we use to improve security and resilience for mission assurance

Watch the “Coast Guard Cyber Program 101: The Coast Guard’s Role in Cyberspace” video above for more information. The video is also available on:

In Episode 3 of the series, we’ll come back and tell you more about each one of these important lines of effort.

For more information on the Cyber Program and links to the videos as they are released, please visit the CG Cyber Program portal page at:

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