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ALCOAST 203/17 – Connecting Ships, Ports and People Art Contest winners

This ALCOAST commends students throughout the North, Central and South Americas, including the Caribbean for their outstanding depictions of the theme for this year’s student art contest, “Connecting Ships, Ports and People.” Twelve winners were chosen from more than 500 entries submitted by students in grades K-12. The annual competition was co-sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association, Mystic Aquarium and the Inter-American Committee on Ports of the Organization of American States.

ALCOAST 202/17 – USO Coast Guardsman of the Year selection

Congratulations to the USO Coast Guardsman of the Year, BM3 Keith A. Coddington of the Coast Guard Cutter Hickory. This award, sponsored by the USO, is designed to acknowledge the recipient’s accomplishments, patriotism, and dedication to our country. This member exemplifies excellence, collaboration, innovation, mission first and embodies the Coast Guard Core Values. The member must also have gone above and beyond, displaying life-altering heroism or valor.

ALCOAST 200/17 – 2016 Health Care Awards selection results

Congratulations to the 2016 Michael J. Cristy Health Care Facility, Clinic Health Services Technician, and Independent Duty Health Services Technician of the Year award recipients.

ALCOAST 199/17 – 2017 League of United Latin American Citizens (Lulac) Excellence in Service Award recipient

Congratulations to Maritime Enforcement Specialist Chief Omar Perez from U.S. Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Team South, Florida, as the Service’s recipient of the 2017 LULAC Excellence in Service Award. This award recognizes excellence by individuals or teams in the advancement of diversity, education, economics and health in communities with large underrepresented populations.

ACN 077/17 – Aviation Career Continuation Pay (ACCP)

In response to recent increases in aviator attrition, the Service has implemented several workforce management tools to preserve operational readiness, including reinstating Aviation Career Continuation Pay (ACCP), better known as “aviation bonus pay.” ACCP targets Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft commanders with critical skill sets. This ALCOAST announces the implementation of the ACCP program for CY18 and is authorized under Title 37 U.S.C., section 301b. This action is necessary to support Coast Guard missions and maintain readiness, but is only one of a number of initiatives recently implemented.

ACN 076/17 – Boat Forces Underwater Egress Training policy change

This message announces the new Boat Forces Underwater Egress Course (course code 100144), and changes to policy requirements. Effective 01 January 2018, all active duty personnel shall attend this course prior to obtaining initial boat crew member qualification for all shore-based units and enclosed cutter boats.

ALCGENL 090/17 – Assignment Year 2018 Maritime Enforcement Specialist Screening Panel for Deployable Specialized Forces Operational and Training Assignments

Coast Guard Personnel Service Center will convene the Assignment Year 2018 (AY18) Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) screening Panel for assignment to Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) positions from 18 – 22 September 2017.  All MEs tour complete in AY18, in pay grade to billet mismatches, and members above the cut for advancement will be screened. MEs should aggressively seek assignment to DSF positions to fully develop their expertise.

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