“You will be heard, you are being heard.”

The Coast Guard strives to be an organization where every member of the service feels valued. To this end, we utilize utilizes various tools to take account of what’s happening across the fleet and one of these is the survey called the Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey, or DEOCS. The DEOCS uses employee perceptions to measure 17 factors associated with equal opportunity, civilian employment opportunity, sexual assault prevention and response and organizational effectiveness. The tool is based on 22 years of extensive study, research and feedback and is carefully crafted to assess workforce perceptions of command climate. Historically, units with fewer than 25 personnel were not required to administer a DEOCS due to anonymity concerns, which excluded 5,000 Coast Guard members, or about 9 percent of the workforce from offering feedback.

In the video message above, Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard Adm. Charles Michel, shares details about the results of a special DEOCS administered in January 2016. Watch the video for more information, which contains the results of the survey as well as a way forward for our organization.

For more detailed information, you can also read the full and final report of the special survey at the Civil Rights Directorate page.

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