Tricare and You – Reservists injured or ill while on active duty clarification

This blog is the most recent in a series helping members of the Coast Guard family understand how to use their TRICARE benefits. The blog series will continue every Monday, right here on Coast Guard All Hands.

Written by Cmdr. Paul Fawcett, chief of Medical Administration for Coast Guard’s Office of Health, Safety and Work-Life

This blog provides some clarification to last week’s article on Coast Guard reservists’ entitlements while on orders.

Reserve members are required to receive Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) and periodic dental cleanings. That care is not required to be performed in a Coast Guard clinic and may be contacted out to a civilian provider or a Department of Defense military treatment facility.

Coast Guard members are entitled to care for injuries or illness received while on active duty. That care may be rendered by network or military providers. Entitlement to care beyond initial treatment is situational and dependent on evaluation of an individuals’ care by competent authority.

Reservists on orders less than 30 days in length are not entitled to enrollment to TRICARE Prime for themselves or their dependents, and are not entitled to care beyond required physical exams, required dental care or emergency care.

Please see our previous blog post for specifics on reserve TRICARE options.

Policy for reserve member health care entitlements are contained in the Coast Guard Medical Manual COMDTISNT M6000.1F and the Reserve Policy Manual COMDTINST 1001.28C.

This blog and series are not official policy and are designed to be informational only. Readers should refer to appropriate policy in all cases.

For TRICARE issues you may also contact the CG health benefits assistance line at 1-800-9-HBA-BBA or at

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