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ALCOAST 449/16 – 2016 Wanda Allen–Yearout Ombudsman of the Year Award

This messages solicits nominations for the 2016 Wanda Allen-Yearout Ombudsman of the Year Award, which is designed to recognize the active duty or reserve unit ombudsman who has demonstrated the greatest contribution to the Coast Guard and their families.

All units within the geographic boundaries of a District who desire to nominate their ombudsman shall submit nominations to their Regional Ombudsman Coordinator (ROC). The ROCs will forward all packages to the appropriate District Command Master Chief (CMC) by 15 February 2017 for a panel selection of each District Ombudsman of the Year. Additional information and nomination criterion is outlined at

Unit Commanding Officers are strongly encouraged to submit award nominations to recognize the selfless service of their unit ombudsman. It is also recommended that commands take this time to make sure information is updated in the ombudsman registry. This can be done at



ACN 445/16 – Human Capital Strategy Initiative: Blended Retirement System (BRS) Training Courses

This ALCOAST provides an update on the Blended Retirement System (BRS) training modules that will provide training and inform all members on the BRS.

1. Leader Training to Introduce the BRS for the Uniformed Services – This course was released in June 2016 and is available for all active duty and Reserve personnel. All military personnel in pay grades E-6 and above must complete this course NLT 31 DEC 2016. Civilian supervisors of military personnel are highly encouraged to complete this course as well. The course is listed in the CG LMS Mandated “B” catalog and completion is tracked through CGBI.

2. BRS Financial Counselors/Educators Course (FCEC) – The course is currently available via CG LMS and is mandatory for Personal Financial Management Coordinators, Command Financial Specialists and Pay/Personnel Staff. Officers, chiefs, and civilian supervisors of military personnel are also encouraged to complete this course. This course provides those counselors/educators additional background in BRS to provide appropriate information and referral to assist service members form a decision based on their specific circumstances.

3. BRS Opt-In Training Course – This course is scheduled to be released Jan. 31, 2017. A retirement calculator will also be released in February 2017 which will allow eligible members to compare their own retirement benefits under the current retirement system and the new BRS. This will help eligible members make informed decisions as to whether to opt-in to the BRS or remain under the current retirement system.


ALCGPSC 156/16 – Coast Guard Uniform Board

This message provides guidance on submission of recommendations to the next Coast Guard Uniform Board, which will convene in the spring of 2017. Suggestions from individuals, field units, and program managers are strongly encouraged.

  • Suggestions should be forwarded in standard memo format through the chain of command and appropriate program manager to be received at PSC (PSD-MU) not later than 1 March 2017.
  • For comments, policy questions or to submit uniform board recommendations, contact
  • Additional CG Military Uniforms Program and POC contact information can be found at


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