General Messages Weekly Round-up

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information.

* NOTE: The series does not contain all of the new messages, just select ones. Click here to view internet releasable messages, or go to the Portal to view all messages (must be at a Coast Guard workstation). 


ALCGPSC 140/16 – Military Uniforms Policy Change Notification

This message provides guidance on the following policy changes to the foul weather parka and other uniform items.

ALCOAST 423/16 – 2016 Public Affairs Awards

This ALCOAST solicits submissions for the 2016 Chief Journalist (JOC) Alex Haley and CDR Jim Simpson Public Affairs Awards. These awards are designed to encourage and formally recognize Coast Guard-wide participation in conducting our important public affairs mission. The Coast Guard’s success depends in great measure upon the American public understanding and supporting our missions. Consequently, our service needs every member to continue to tell the Coast Guard story.

Awards program guidelines including eligibility, specifications, submission criteria, categories, and judging can be viewed here. Questions should be directed to COMDT (CG-09225), POC CWO2 Kurt Fredrickson (202) 372-4638 or

ACN 424/16 – Updated Reserve Mobilization/Demobilization Learning Management Course

This message alerts all reservists to complete the Reserve Mobilization/Demobilization course (610189), located in the Coast Guard Learning Portal in order to earn the Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) competency.

The purpose of this course is to provide standardized curriculum that meets the Coast Guard’s need to ensure Coast Guard Reserve members are informed and prepared to mobilize to provide surge capacity in times of national emergency, war, and natural or man-made disasters.

ALCOAST 429/16 – 2017 Joint Civilian Orientation Conferences (JCOC) Announcement and Guidance on Nomination Procedures

Nominations for the 2017 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC) will be accepted by the Office of External Outreach and Heritage from now through Jan. 25, 2017. This year’s program will consist of one conference scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 6 to Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017 (inclusive).

The mission of JCOC is to increase public understanding of national defense by enabling American business and community leaders to directly observe and engage with the U.S. military in areas such as global security threats, budget implications, social issues facing troops, and the needs of transitioning Service members.

ALCOAST 434/16 – Solicitation for FY 2016 Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Awards

This message solicits nominations for four awards sponsored by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). These awards are presented to deserving organizations and members of the Civil Engineering (CE) Program in recognition of outstanding service and substantial accomplishments during the 2016 fiscal year.

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