CG SUPRT is here for all, and to all a good night


Written by Sarah Geesaman, CG-SUPRT

‘Twas early December and the holidays were close.
This spouse and her Coastie were doing the most.
With work and with kids and everything planned,
With so many commitments their schedule was slammed.

The spouse laid in bed wondering what was the right course,
When the voice in her head said this couldn’t be worse.
She woke up in a flurry and went straight to her desk,
Looking for an answer for all of the stress.

When what to her tired puffy eyes did appear,
But a CG SUPRT card and it all became clear!
She dialed the number, her fingers so fast.
She heard a voice on the line, “can you help me?” she asked.

The care manager who answered was sweet and sincere,
And the spouse opened up to her listening ear.
She told her of the presents and feast to prepare
And the empty wallet that caused her heart to despair.

The weigh-in goal of her husband was of concern on holidays
And the tension in their marriage since he returned from underway.
The care manager knew just what to do
And got right to work, through resources she flew.

She set the spouse up with a smart money coach
To talk about her budget and a brand new approach.
With a wellness coach set to help organize the feast
The spouse would trim all fat from their delicious roast beast.

The care manager suggested a marriage counselor be used,
And through the list of providers she quickly perused.
But the spouse had reservations about this new plan,
“Will the news be forwarded to my husband’s command?”

The care manager assured her that services are confidential
And it would not affect his promotion potential.
When the call was about finished the spouse said,
“How can this be? That all of this help is totally free?!”

The care manager told her that it is completely true
“And 24/7 we are here for you.”
As the care manager cheerfully hung up the phone,
The spouse felt more peace than she has ever known.

She took a magnet and placed the card on the frig
And thought to herself, I won’t worry a smidge.
Calling CG SUPRT just made our holiday great
And I will use them again whenever I need a break.

Happy holidays from CG SUPRT!

CG SUPRT offers counseling, health and wellness coaching, legal and financial consultation, spouse education and employment assistance, and resources for child care, elder care, and other work-life needs. To set up any of these free services with CG SUPRT or to get more information, please call 24/7 at 855-247-8778 or visit the CGSUPRT website.

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