Coast Guard Family Month: Spouse employment and transition resources


Written by Sarah Geesaman, CG-SUPRT

As a Coast GuardĀ spouse, are you moving or transitioning soon? Are you thinking about starting a new career? CG SUPRT offers free spouse employment and transition resources to help Coast Guard spouses navigate moving and transition-related challenges. Spouses can call CG SUPRT 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get assistance. CG SUPRT can help by:

  • Identifying resources that may include information on housing, child care, schools and education, job searching, portable careers, moving services, pet care, and more
  • Completing the research to find the resources and providing the detailed information via email


CG SUPRT care managers are familiar with the broad array of resources and services available through CG SUPRT and in the local communities. These might include:

  • Spouse Education and Career Center services (for Active Duty spouses only): career counseling, education planning and Financial Aid options, interview and resume preparation skills, and connection to Military Spouse Employment Partnership for job searches
  • Money Coaching for financial difficulties, mortgages, student loans, tax consultation, etc
  • Health and Wellness coaching for personal goals, stress management, transition organization, time management, and more
  • Telephonic, Video, Online, or Face to Face counseling around adjusting to a new location, marriage counseling, family and parenting issues, and stress
  • Daily Living consultations with a resource specialist related to relocation needs including moving information, local school info, child care services, pet care, and more
  • Articles and webinars tailored to spouses from


CG SUPRT offers this full range of services for service members and their families with transition support for Active Duty, Selected Reserves, Civilians, and their families.

Confidential help is availableā€” call 855-247-8778 or visit 24/7/365 to get your spouse relocation and transition assistance started.

For additional assistance on the USCG Transition Assistance or Spouse Employment programs, contact your Transition/Relocation Mangers at your district Work-Life Office.



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