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ALCOAST 389/16 – National Native American Heritage Month

“Serving Our Nations,” the theme for the 2016 observance of National Native American Heritage Month, reminds us of the significant contributions American Indians and Alaska Natives have made and continue to make to our country and to their tribal nations. The rich legacy of Native American environmental stewardship, advocacy of democratic principles of governance and patriotic service, to mention a few, have profoundly influenced our Nation’s culture and character.

Currently, the Coast Guard workforce includes more than 1000 uniformed members and civilian employees who trace their heritage to North America’s indigenous people. Native Americans have either served with or worked closely with the Service since at least 1877 and many have been recognized and decorated for their leadership and devotion to duty.

As we commemorate the heritage and contributions of Native Americans, we salute these individuals who have, oftentimes in the face of adversity, remained steadfast in their preservation of culture, traditions and commitment to service. Coast Guard units and commands are encouraged to recognize the immeasurable contributions and achievements of American Indians and Alaska Natives in service to the Coast Guard and our Nation.

ACN 391/16 – Promulgation of Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Program Standards Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)

COMDT (CG-1331) identified that Coast Guard TTP were needed to incorporate new and changing procedures related to the weigh-in program processes and standards. Details were discussed to combine best practices with new policy-driven standards into one single document. This publication describes those standards and will be used to administer the program.

ACN 392/16 – Promulgation of Diving Operations Aids to Navigation (ATON) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Effective immediately, subject provides guidance and instruction for planning, procedures, and evolutions for a variety of United States Coast Guard (USCG) aids to navigation (ATON) diving missions. It is intended for rated Divers (DV).

ALCOAST 394/16– Solicitation for GEICO Military Service Awards

The GEICO Military Service Awards Program pays tribute to an active duty enlisted service member from each branch of the Armed Forces, and one enlisted member from the Reserve or National Guard component, for his/her special achievements and contributions to the public good of the civilian and/or military community.

This annual award recognizes achievements or contributions in the following categories:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Fire Safety and Fire Prevention
  • Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention


Each service winner will receive a $2,500 cash honorarium and a commemorative plaque.

The award will be presented in Washington, DC in April 2017.

To view additional information, go to:

ALCOAST 395/16 – Solicitation for the 2017 Inspirational Leadership Awards Nominations

The Office of Leadership, (CG-12C) is proud to present the 2017 Inspirational Leadership Awards. These annual awards recognize Coast Guard active duty and reserve duty enlisted members and officers and civilian employees who best exemplify the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty for the 2016 calendar year.

Nominations are now being accepted for the following Inspirational Leadership Awards:

  • CAPT John G. Witherspoon (one active duty and one reserve CG officer)
  • MCPO Angela M. McShan (one active duty and one reserve CG Chief Petty Officer)
  • Mr. George R. Putnam (one appropriated or non-appropriated funds CG civilian employee)
  • CAPT David Jarvis (one active duty CG officer honored by Navy League)
  • SM1 Douglas Munro (one active duty CG enlisted member, honored by Navy League)


Eligibility requirements and specific guidelines are outlined on the COMDT (CG-12C) website at: HTTPS://WWW.USCG.MIL/LEADERSHIP/AWARDS/AWARDS.ASP

ACN 396/16 – FY17 Reserve Active Duty for Training Scheduling Requirements
ACN 397/16 – FY17 Reserve Drill Scheduling Requirements

These messages announce key dates reservists and their commands must use when scheduling Active Duty for Training (ADT), Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills, Readiness Management Periods (RMPs), and Additional Training Periods (ATPs) in FY17. It also restates the IDT, RMP, and ATP policy and management responsibilities.

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