CGMS General Messages Weekly Round-up

All Hands selects several CGMS messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information.

* NOTE: the series does not contain all of the new messages, just select ones. In order to view all Coast Guard messages, click here.


ALCGPSC 120/16 – Required use of the Travel Management Center for Lodging

DHS travelers must make all travel reservations, including commercial lodging, for Coast Guard funded travel through the contracted TMC (ADTRAV). Booking lodging reservations directly with the hotel, using commercial websites such as,, AIRBNB, etc. violates these requirements. DHS requires that all reservations made outside of the TMC be authorized per travel order endorsement.

Travelers should review the required use of TMC lodging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and direct GTCC questions to their unit GTCC Travel Manager. Members can determine who their supporting Travel Managers are under the contacts page located at


ALCOAST 380/16 – FY16 Year-End Reporting Requirements for Personal Property

This message corrects the report submittal link in U.S. Coast Guard Personal Property Management Manual, COMDTINST M4500.5 (series) and reminds all USCG units of year-end personal property reporting requirements for FY16 closeout.

Units shall submit their year-end report via the COMDT (CG-844) SharePoint site at the following link: Search for your OPFAC by either scrolling through the list or using the search bar function at the top of the page.

All USCG units shall submit their report NLT than 16 NOV 2016. Negative responses of the report are required as well.

ACN 384/16 – Solicitation for the 2016 DOD Reserve Family Readiness Award

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASD-M&RA) and the Office of Reserve Affairs, COMDT (CG-131) are soliciting nominations for the 2016 DoD Reserve Family Readiness Award (RFRA). This award is sponsored by ASD-M&RA to recognize the top unit from each of the Armed Forces Reserve components whose family readiness goals have contributed to a high state of overall mission readiness.

Family readiness is a key component of mission readiness, and robust family readiness programs have greatly enhanced the deployability of Guard and Reserve units. All Coast Guard units with assigned Selected Reserve (SELRES) members are eligible for this award. Nominations should be submitted through the first Flag in the chain of command to COMDT (CG-131). Eligible commands such as Areas, Districts, and the Director of Operational Logistics, are strongly encouraged to nominate at least one unit for this award. Nominations must be submitted in accordance with the requirements outlined in this message.

ALCOAST 385/16 – Implementation of the Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Courses

The Office of Leadership, COMDT (CG-12C) proudly announces the creation of the Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Courses 1 and 2 (MOCTC 1 and MOCTC 2). Formerly referred to as the Advanced Leadership Course, the MOCTC 1 program is targeted for all O3s and GS12s. The MOCTC 2 program is targeted for all O4s and GS13s.

Please check the Training Quota Management Center (TQC) website or Office of Leadership COMDT (CG-12C) website for future convening dates and application procedures.

ALCOAST 386/16 – Selectees for the 2016 Department of Homeland Security’ Sectretary’s Annual Awards

This ALCOAST announces the winners of the Exceptional Service Award (Gold Medal), Meritorious Service Award Silver Medal), Award for Valor, Award for Exemplary Service, Award for Excellence, Unity of Effort Team Excellence Award, Unit Award, Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity Management, and Award for Volunteer Service. View the full message for winners’ names.


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