CG SUPRT and work-life balance

September is Coast Guard Personal Readiness Month in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, National Recovery Month, and National Preparedness Month. All Hands will share important information through this series on how you can remain physically and emotionally ready, as well as ensuring your homes, property, and legal documents are ready as well.CG-SUPRT 1

Written by Sarah Geesaman, CG SUPRT

There are many things in life that cause stress, which could lead to anxiety, depression, addiction, or suicidal thoughts if not properly addressed. Anything from job expectations, relationship issues, or financial problems can be the one thing that tips you over the edge causing you to feel like everything is off balance. We can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives but if we can manage it and keep the demands of work, duty to the Coast Guard, and home life in balance, we can feel more in control.

What does work-life balance mean to you? We all have to define this for ourselves. One CG member may work 60 hours a week and still find time to enjoy time with friends. Others may work more limited hours, but because they have more job stress or they are caregiving, they find that it does not make them feel better about their work/family situation. But whether it means keeping family time sacred or learning to set boundaries at work, CG SUPRT can assist you in making changes that help you feel more balanced and in control.

To start, you may need some help identifying what is out of balance. CG SUPRT offers Health and Wellness Coaching to guide you in developing new strategies to manage stress, balance your many obligations, and maintaining healthy habits. Coaches will help you set goals and make a plan, meeting with you via phone or online chat for your convenience. Or if you could use some emotional support for finding your balance, CG SUPRT offers Non-Medical Counseling. It is perfect for topics such as relationship issues, co-parenting, blending families, work stress, and grief. The counseling is available face to face, by phone, video, or web chat to accommodate your schedule and reduce further stress of making appointments that affect your work schedule.

If financial stress is pushing you to work more or keeping you from enjoying time with your family, the CG SUPRT Personal Financial Wellness program can help you get your finances on track and prepare for your future. Services include Money Coaching, webinars, Financial Education classes, and a personalized website with helpful tools and calculators.

Or maybe you just have too many things on your plate and you feel like you could use a personal assistant. CG SUPRT Daily Living consultants can do some of the leg work for you such as locating adequate housing, jobs, education, elder care, child care, and more. Career Counselors through the CG SUPRT Spouse Education and Career Services are also available to support active duty spouses when they relocate or are ready to start a new career.

Prefer to begin balancing on your own and do some self education? The CG SUPRT website is full of articles, videos, and webinars on all types of issues including Stress Management, developing Work-Life Balance, dealing with Burnout, and Caregiving.

Remember that all services through CG SUPRT are free and confidential. Simply call CG SUPRT 24/7 at 855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778) or visit You can also contact your Employee Assistance Program Coordinator in your Work-Life Office for more information on CG SUPRT and other services through the office. Get your work-life balance back today and prevent stress from negatively affecting you, your family, and your Coast Guard.

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