Human Capital Strategy: Implementation plans

Editor’s Note: Rear Adm. Andrew McKinley has taken over as the Human Capital Strategy (HCS) lead and has set expectations of transparency as he and the HCS team begin efforts to implement the first 31 initiatives. The HCS spans 10 years and will touch the entire Coast Guard workforce during its implementation. Below, McKinley shares more information about the initiative, and what Coast Guard members can expect in the months and years to come.

Rear Adm. Andrew Scott McKinley. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Rear Adm. Andrew Scott McKinley. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Written by Rear Adm. Andrew Scott McKinley

Since recently joining the Human Capital Strategy Implementation Team as lead, I’ve been proud to be at the helm of such a monumental effort—one that undoubtedly will touch every corner of the Coast Guard’s service. Understanding the far reach of the task, the Human Capital Strategy Implementation Team is committed to working with initiative owners to implement the strategy with action and transparency.

The Human Capital Strategy is a 10-year roadmap that will guide the way we support our people, the work they do, and the workplace they do it in to create a more proficient and agile workforce that is ready to serve the needs of the nation. The strategy will create a better integrated human resource system that will help recruit, train and retain a world-class Coast Guard workforce — a workforce of which you are already a valuable asset.

The Human Capital Strategy Implementation Team began tracking and supporting 31 initiatives for the first 180-day plan. The 180-day plan represents our first calendar year of implementation. In November, the executive champions, FORCECOM Readiness Command and the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, will report on progress and roll out next year’s implementation plan.

For transparency, we created a Coast Guard-wide portal site that includes the latest news on implementation, as well as references and resources, and initiative status information.

During the summer months, we will be soliciting your input to capture additional initiatives relevant to our workforce.

I am excited and look forward to collaborating with many of you as you share your thoughts, questions and suggestions. Remember, the power to shape the Coast Guard’s workforce is in each of our hands — let’s work together to ensure it’s the world’s best!