Facebook, USAA, Blue Star Families release new online safety guide for military families


Social media has quickly become a part of our daily lives. From checking in with friends to checking into locations when we travel, it’s everywhere. And social media is especially important for military families – it allows them to stay in touch with friends and family that may be thousands of miles away.

Recently, Facebook, in partnership with USAA and Blue Star Families, released a new guide for online safety, specifically targeting military members and their families. The information within the guide takes into account special risks that military families may face when using social media and gives specific things that military families can do to decrease these risks.

Information within the guide includes tips and guidance on:

  • Ensuring wi-fi networks are secure prior to using them
  • Changing and updating passwords and security settings regularly
  • Geo-tagging posts and photos
  • Posting to social media
  • Keeping mobile devices and personal accounts secure


The guide also covers how to use Facebook’s security and privacy settings, allowing you to set who should see posts and block those who shouldn’t,¬†and showing you how to report something that is inappropriate. While some of the information is specific to Facebook, the guide contains tips that are helpful no matter which social media site you may be using.

To check out the guide, visit Facebook’s newsroom, or, if accessing from a standard Coast Guard workstation, view the guide from the social media portal page.


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