Duty To People: Special DEOMI climate survey now available

Civil Rights

The Coast Guard is conducting a special Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey, DEOCS, primarily extended to members who could not participate during the past 12 months because their unit has fewer than 25 personnel. Other military and civilian members who, for any reason, have not taken the DEOCS in the last 12 months may also participate.

A DEOCS survey is a tool designed to assist commanding officers and officers in charge with assessing command climates and help maintain a healthy workforce and, under the current policy, only 91% of the Coast Guard workforce is offered the opportunity to complete a DEOCS annually.

This survey ensures no Coast Guard personnel are excluded from the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences through a DEOCS survey. The survey is available now and will close on February 29.

To learn more, including the link and access code to participate, refer to the ALCOAST 028/16 from your Coast Guard standard workstation, or contact your Civil Rights Provider.

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