Tax season is here…file for free using CG SUPRT!

Written by Sarah Geesaman


Need help filing those federal and state tax returns? Today, CG SUPRT launched H&R Block tax services. File both your federal and state taxes online for free!

The Internal Revenue Service will start accepting electronic tax returns on Jan. 20, 2016. If you complete tax returns through CG SUPRT/H&R Block prior to the IRS opening date, your files will be held in a “pending” status. Once the IRS e-file system opens, H&R Block will automatically submit the return to the IRS.

To learn more about the H&R Block tax software, please visit the tax section of the CG SUPRT website.

This free tax service can only be initiated through the CG SUPRT website.


  • Access the H&R Block tax software through the link provided on the CG SUPRT website.
  • Wait until you receive all of your W-2s and other tax documents (1098 etc.) before you file your return. Otherwise, you may have to amend your tax returns.
  • If you used the tax services last year, have your Adjusted Gross Income and Electronic Filing Pin from your 2014 tax return before you start your return. You can reset your pin on the IRS website.
  • The tax service is free when accessing the H&R software from the CG SUPRT website. If you are prompted for payment by H&R Block, please call CG SUPRT for assistance (toll-free 1-855-247-8778).
  • Each user can submit one Federal and up to three state tax returns on the CG SUPRT/H&R Block free e-file system.



Eligible members include Coast Guard active duty members, civilian employees, members of the Selected Reserve, and their dependent family members.


If you have questions about this tax service or about your own tax returns, please call 1-855- CGSUPRT (247-8778) and ask to speak with a CG SUPRT tax consultant. Trained tax consultants will be available starting Jan. 12, 2016 by appointment, Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 8 p.m., EST.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty or need other advice on money matters, please contact CG SUPRT to work with a Personal Money Coach. CG SUPRT services are free and confidential, within the limits of the law.

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