Essay challenge: ‘What are the game changers?’

Are you interested in military technology? If so, the U.S. Naval Institute has launched a new essay challenge about emerging and disruptive technologies. The competition, which is open to all active duty members, reservists, veterans, government civilian personnel and civilians, involves authoring a 3,000-word essay and the winning essay will be published in a 2016 edition of Proceedings magazine.

The Challenge:

Click the above image to learn more about this essay competition.

Click the above image to learn more about this essay competition.

Identify and discuss specific emerging and disruptive technologies whose impact justifies the risks involved. Authors may consider the following questions:

  • What advantages do these technologies bring?
  • What are the risks and barriers?
  • How can the risks and barriers be mitigated?
  • How can these technologies be integrated into existing fleet architecture in a sensible, affordable, and impactful way to give a
    measurable warfighting edge to the Navy, Marine Corps, and/or Coast Guard?


The competition closes on Feb. 29, 2016. For more information on the essay challenge and future essay challenges hosted by the U.S. Naval Institute, please visit the U.S. Naval Institute essay challenge website.

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