Bravo Zulu: IHRIM Project of the Year – Direct Access

The Coast Guard's human resources information technology division accepts the 2015 IHRIM Project of the Year award. Photo couresty of IHRIM.

The Coast Guard’s human resources information technology division accepts the 2015 IHRIM Project of the Year award. Photo couresty of IHRIM.

When Coast Guard members need to update their personal information or change their residency, they can handle that within Direct Access. When they need to enter marks for their enlisted members, they can handle that in Direct Access too. When they ask for leave, they submit it to their supervisors through Direct Access. And what many may not know is that when members of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, need to access their pay, they also use the same system that Coast Guard men and women utilize – Direct Access.

But it wasn’t always like this. In past years, many of these payroll and human resources services were handled by different programs, making it difficult for members to keep track of where all their information came from.

With the recent transformation and consolidation of Direct Access, the Coast Guard is now able to handle all human resources and payroll services within a single system, which also handles services for the U.S. Public Health Service and NOAA.

With the revamp, Direct Access now handles HR and Payroll from “cradle to grave” in one Enterprise application. Starting with applicant data, Direct Access now is the single HR and payroll system for Active Duty, Reserve and Retirees/Annuitants of Coast Guard, Public Health Service and NOAA. Direct Access now serves the pay and annuity needs of more than 110,000 people

Behind the scenes handling this project was the Coast Guard’s Human Resources Information Technology division (CG-631), led by Michael Fijalka.

“This has been the culmination of a 15 year effort to consolidate many individual applications from the Coast Guard and Public Health Service into a single software solution,” Fijalka said. “This was a big investment and a big step forward for the Coast Guard in having visibility and controls over our HR data.”

The implementation of this latest version of Direct Access is unparalleled with any other military service, and is serving as the model for modern military human resources and payroll solutions for our sister Armed Services in DoD.

With the completion of this project, the team was honored with the IHRIM 2015 Project of the Year award, which honors project teams for successful completion of a human resources information management project.

“The award is really a testament to the years of hard work and government/private sector collaboration necessary to implement an enterprise application of this scale,” Fijalka said. “The project was delivered on schedule and on budget. We formed a very close working relationship with a new Program Management Office in CG-1 which also played a key role in moving the project to a successful conclusion.”

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