CG SUPRT announces the new Financial Life-Cycle Series



CG SUPRT is pleased to offer our financial wellness program free to the Coast Guard and their families. The program provides one-on-one money coaching over the phone, a personalized website with helpful tools and calculators, financial education classes and webinars, and now something new! The CG SUPRT Financial Life-Cycle Series is a group of classes designed to address each phase of the careers of active duty and reserve members, civilian employees, and all their families. It provides both short and long-term financial guidance, resulting in healthy, sustainable financial wellness.

To introduce these Life-Cycle classes, CG SUPRT is offering them as scheduled webinars with Q&A in the months of October and November. View the schedule and the links to join here.

The series is broken up into three stages to address financial challenges in the beginning, middle, and retirement/transition phases of one’s career.


Stage I: Introduction to Life-Long Personal Financial Habits

Class 1: Understanding Your Income, Managing Your Spending, & Avoiding Big Mistakes
Class 2: Managing Debt & Keeping Good Credit
Class 3: Building a Foundation for Your Financial Future

Stage II: Planning, Prioritizing & Protecting Your Finances

Class 1: Adapting Your Habits & Anticipating Challenges
Class 2: Building a Foundation for Career Advancement & Retirement

Stage III: How to Plan for Career Transitions & Retirement

Class 1: Assessing Your Financial Wellness & Preparing for Career Transitions
Class 2: Defining & Sustaining Your Retirement Lifestyle


To request an onsite class, please contact your area Personal Financial Management Coordinator (PFMC) in your work/life office. If you are unsure of who your PFMC is, please contact the Family Support Services Program Manager, Lisa Johnson. Visit CG SUPRT to get more information on the services available, or call 855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778) any time 24/7.

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