Have you checked out ECIP Connect yet?



Have you checked out the Coast Guard Innovation Council‘s Enterprise Common Ideation Platform Connect yet?

ECIP Connect is a crowd-sourcing tool designed specifically for members of our Coast Guard family, including active duty, civilian, reserve and Auxiliary, to help solve service challenges from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Aug. 4th marks our 225th birthday. Over the course of these 225 years, our service has evolved in how we protect the sea, protect people on the sea, and protect the country from threats delivered by the sea. But it has not done so without the great ideas, inventions, and innovations contributed by our people.

Where would our service be now, had it not been for Capt. Frank Erickson, who advocated in the 1940s that helicopters would be the ideal operational platform for the Coast Guard’s lifesaving and law enforcement missions?

Cut to just a few years ago, when BM2 Hylan Rousseau developed an innovative and efficient tow bitt cover that enhances the safety of helicopter operations while working with the 45-foot Response Boat-Medium. The “Rousseau collar,” a space-saving alternative to traditional, cumbersome tow bitt covers, has become standard issue on RB-Ms.

Just last year, MK2 Stephanie Yonish helped to develop more accessible resources for sexual assault prevention and response. She provided recommendations that fine-tuned the SAPR resource section of the Health, Safety and Work-Life mobile app.

The next 225 years and beyond will be no different, and our service still needs your great ideas. ECIP provides a means for members of our workforce to submit ideas to help solve the service’s targeted “challenges” from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Have an idea not directly related to a sponsored challenge? The Innovation Council has created an Open Idea Forum within ECIP where you can post ideas that support the commandant’s guiding principles of Service to Nation, Duty to People, and Commitment to Excellence. Also, you can now submit ideas for future sponsored challenges.

So log into ECIP, and encourage your team to log in as well! We look forward to seeing your great ideas.

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