Calling all innovators – use YOUR ideas to help solve Service challenges!



Have you ever been sitting around with your friends, thinking, “We have a great idea to solve this problem – now if there was only something we could do to make it happen!”?

Well now, you can! The Coast Guard’s Innovation Council has launched Enterprise Common Ideation Platform , or ECIP, Connect – a crowd-sourcing tool designed specifically for members of our Coast Guard family, including active duty, civilian, reserve and Auxiliary, to help solve Service ‘challenges’ from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Encouraging innovation from within our ranks is key – no one understand our missions, operations and challenges better than those operating Coast Guard equipment each and every day. Our creative and talented workforce has the ability to develop solutions to today’s problems.

ECIP Connect will do just this.

An internal innovation made by a Coast Guard member isn’t a new thing. Recently, a Coast Guard petty officer designed a tow bit collar for the Response Boat-Medium to prevent catastrophic snag hazards during helicopter operations. His innovation is now standard issue on every RB-M.

ECIP Connect provides a fun, positive, and empowering experience where participants can voluntarily review challenges, submit possible solutions and collaborate with other Coast Guard members by voting, supporting and influencing the best ideas as they bubble up, advancing ideas towards possible prototypes, and eventually becoming implementable solutions.

Do you have ideas on how to solve a Coast Guard challenge? Check out ECIP Connect.

Collaborate with other members of the workforce and use your ideas to contribute to the overall mission successes of the entire Coast Guard.

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