Update: Revision to high year tenure policy for calendar year 2015





By Rear Adm. David Callahan, assistant commandant for human resources

I am initiating changes to high year tenure or HYT that will simplify both organizational and individual management of professional growth points or PGPs and further align all aspects of the policy to an annual calendar-year cycle that parallels the assignment and advancement cycles. These changes are meant to improve planning for and reduce uncertainty in the advancement, assignment, and separation processes.

Major changes include:

Alignment of HYT candidate screening process to a calendar year cycle is effective immediately for E-9 members and Dec. 31, 2015 for E-3 to E-8. Those members who exceed their HYT PGP in a calendar year become HYT candidates the following calendar year, the year of scheduled separation.  Example: a Petty Officer 2nd Class that passes 16 years time in service on Aug. 15, 2015 and does not advance to Petty Officer 1st Class by Dec. 31, 2015 becomes a 2016 HYT candidate, subject to separation in 2016.

Implementing PGPs as announced last year are below:

E-9: 30 years time in service
E-8: 26 years time in service
E-7: 24 years time in service
E-6: 20 years time in service
E-5: 16 years time in service
E-3 and E-4: 10 years time in service; including members with prior service.
E-1 and E-2: Cannot extend or re-enlist beyond completion of current contract.

Aligning separation dates with the assignment cycle for members in the pay grade E-3 to E-9. Outlining a robust HYT PGP waiver process with potential advancement eligibility. Simplifying the policy for members reduced in pay grade or who change their rate. Allowing reenlistments and extensions beyond the required HYT separation or retirement date.

To facilitate the implementation of the 2015 HYT PGP reductions, those members who will have more than 18 years of active duty, but less than 20 on Sept 1, 2016, will be allowed to submit a 2016 HYT PGP waiver request for retirement, in lieu of the standard HYT PGP waiver request.  If approved by the Personnel Service Command, Enlisted Personnel Management branch, that HYT PGP waiver request for retirement will allow them to remain on active duty until they have earned a 20-year retirement.

The procedures for all HYT PGP waiver requests will be announced by PSC. Again, this retirement provision to HYT PGP waiver is limited to members who will have more than 18 years of active duty, but less than 20 years on Sept. 1, 2016.


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